About Us

Our company was founded for the purpose of enhancing your workout and helping you meet and exceed your goals. At Legion Nutrition, we believe with our supplements you will be able to go above and beyond your workout. Welcome to the Legion.


Co-owner/Founder/CEO  Jeremy Ciconte   

Co-owner/Founder/President  Luke Olson

Jeremy and Luke are fitness, food, football and fútbol friends that are also cousin/brother's-in-law. No, we're not rednecks. Well, one of us is.

Luke is an Air Force veteran, current firefighter and Jeremy's wife (Luke's cousin/sister) is a current LEO.  We also have numerous friends and family members that are currently serving in the military and as first responders. We know the sacrifices they make and their families make. So we have pledged 5% of our profits to Veteran/LEO/Fire and other First Responder support organizations.

If you would like us to consider donating to your organization please send us an email.


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