Quarantined? Gym Closed? Yeah us too.

We were really hoping the gym would not be shutdown.  We are without our one place that we count on to get straight every day.  So, what are we supposed to do now?  If you are like us, you need to hit the gym on the daily.  Well here is a list of exercises we put together to give you something to do while you are stuck at home or without a gym.


You know best how much exercise you need each day, so choose how many and whatever muscle groups you want to hit.  I’ve heard of people picking out of a hat or drawing out of a deck of cards what exercises to do, just to mix it up a little.  You may have to Google or YouTube some of these to see the proper technique.


  • Regular
  • Narrow
  • Wide
  • Hindu

Handstand push ups or modified handstand push ups (for shoulders)

Jumping Jacks


  • Regular
  • Crunches
  • Rocky sit-ups

Glute Bridge

  • Regular
  • Added weight (put something heavy on your hips)

Pull-ups (if you have a joist or pull up bar or some other way to do these)

  • Regular
  • Reverse grip
  • Rocky pull ups


  • Regular body weight
  • Added weight (fill a backup up with some items)
  • Jump squats (instead of standing up you explode up into a jump)
  • Pistol Squats



  • Regular
  • Add a push up
  • Add a Hindu push up


  • Regular
  • Added weight (carry equal weighted items in each hand)
  • 3D lunges


  • Regular
  • Added weight
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